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Querying and Customizing the Online EFNILEX Dictionaries


Main menu

There are two completely separate way of manipulating EFNILEX dictionaries. In the first step we can customize the dictionary to suit our specific needs. In the next step the customized dictionaries can be queried. Accordingly, the dictionaries might be accessed from two different pages. The dictionaries can be queried on the Dictionary Browser Page while the Cut Board Page enables us to set certain parameters to refine the dictionaries.

The Main menu below is available both on the Cut Board Page and on the Dictionary Browser Page.

1. The Main menu

  1. Click the Dictionary Browser menu item to query the dictionaries.
  2. Select the Cut Board menu item to customize the dictionaries. IMPORTANT: The dictionaries can be queried even in the absence of customization. In this case dictionaries are filtered on the basis of some predefined values.
  3. Choose the Info menu item to display a concise description of the applied method and workflow.
  4. Select the Help menu item if you want to read this help.
  5. English and Hungarian menu items enable switch between languages. Note: There are still some functions that are not available in both languages.

Selecting the dictionary

Click one item in the dictionary selection menu on the top of the page to select the resource you want to work with. You can choose between the dictionaries both in the Dictionary Browser Page and in the Cut Board Page. In either case, the relevant dictionary is selected and becomes queriable.

2. Selecting the dictionary

Querying the EFNILEX dictionaries

The different features available in the Dictionary Browser Page are described here in more detail.

Customizing EFNIL Dictionaries

The customization has not been completely documented yet. At the present stage some information can be found in the English Cut Board Page. IMPORTANT: Customization is not necessary to query the dictionaries.